class searchstringparser.parser.postgresql.PostgreSQLTextSearchParser(lexer=None, **kw_args)[source]

Bases: object

This parser implements the following rules using the tokens generated by an appropriate lexer. The goal is to generate a string for PostgreSQL full text search that conforms with the syntax understood by the function tsquery or to_tsquery.

The following rules are implemented which generate the correct query string.

expression : expression expression
           | expression AND expression
           | expression OR expression
           | NOT expression
           | LPAREN expression RPAREN
           | QUOTE term QUOTE
           | WORD WILDCARD
           | WORD

term : term SPACE term
       | term term
       | SYMBOL
__init__(lexer=None, **kw_args)[source]

Parser instantiation.

  • lexer (ply.lex (optional)) – Any ply.lex lexer instance and generates the tokens listed in the rules. The default uses a GeneralSearchStringLexer instance.
  • kw_args – Keyword arguments are passed to the ply.yacc.yacc call.

Inspect encountered illegal characters.

  • None – If no illegal characters occurred.
  • Tuple – A pair of lists that contain the illegal characters and the positions where they occurred.
parse(query, **kw_args)[source]

Parse any string input according to the rules.

  • query (str) – A string expected to conform with the search query syntax.
  • kw_args – Keyword arguments are passed on to the ply.yacc.yacc.parse call.

A string that can directly be passed to the PostgreSQL functions tsquery or to_tsquery.

Return type: